Mother and Daughter Tea Party

This was a fun event at the South Towne Mall last week.  It was so much fun to see the crowd of the moms and daughters all dressed up for this fun tea party!  Look at how beautiful this litte girl is!

Getting Ready for the Princess Festival!!

Did you know last week was Princess Week?  Well it was!  And we spent our whole weekend in Orem trying to get the word out about the fabulous Princess Festival at Thanksgiving Point this June!  My Kids’ Entertainment is so proud to be the official face painter for this festival which just gets BIGGER and BETTER each year!!!

So come and join us this June (it runs Tuesday through Saturday from the 19th-30th) and get your tickets online now!!  Click here for more information.

Fundraiser for Little Learners Academy

I was simply amazed by this fundraiser last Saturday!  All of the staff and volunteers went waaaay over the top to create a super fun event for the kids.  It was packed!  We painted upwards of 150 cute little kids!!

We had to privilege of working with Munckin Radio again, which we love of course!

Here is a small sample of the costumed characters in attendance.

Everything from Princesses to Super Hero’s to the Queen of Hearts!

To book your next Fundraiser, Corporate Event or Party call us at 801-897-5836 

Hunger Games Premiere

The energy at the movie theater before a big movie release is always so incredible!! We had such a fun time seeing everyone decked out in costume and getting cool glimmer tattoos.  By far the most popular was the mockingjay pin!  So fun!